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you guys, I met One Direction. 
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no one understands this fandom
p-eaceatheart said: In the last picture you posted of yourself, where's the white shirt from? It's so pretty! Oh, and you're gorgeous btw! <3
I replied:

I think kohls :) but thank youu! <3 

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I can&#8217;t take a serious picture to save my life lawlz
Anonymous said: R U LEAH FRUM TEEN MUM?????!!!!!!!???????
I replied:

last time I checked…. no 

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One Direction - Ft Lauderdale 2nd Row :)
July 2nd , 25 notes
One Direction - Ft Lauderdale 2nd Row :)

I love Paul Walia more than life.

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I literally cannot wait to see my favorite guys.

sunday couldn’t come fast enough

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ok number one tumblr pet peeve

when people queue posts and put comments like “QUEUED POST ON VACATION” 

while I hope your vacation is extravagant and all, I really don’t like this little comment on my picture 

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June 25th , 5 notes
i like my curly hairr 
June 23rd , 5 notes
lmfao concert tonight tehe

if someone wanted to win me over, all they’d have to do is buy me Justin Bieber tickets

its that simple 

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I wish people would just leave me alone for once. 

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