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p-eaceatheart: In the last picture you posted of yourself, where's the white shirt from? It's so pretty! Oh, and you're gorgeous btw! <3

I think kohls :) but thank youu! <3 

I can&#8217;t take a serious picture to save my life lawlz

Anonymous: R U LEAH FRUM TEEN MUM?????!!!!!!!???????

last time I checked…. no 

One Direction - Ft Lauderdale 2nd Row :)
One Direction - Ft Lauderdale 2nd Row :)

I love Paul Walia more than life.

I literally cannot wait to see my favorite guys.

sunday couldn’t come fast enough

ok number one tumblr pet peeve

when people queue posts and put comments like “QUEUED POST ON VACATION” 

while I hope your vacation is extravagant and all, I really don’t like this little comment on my picture 

i like my curly hairr 
lmfao concert tonight tehe

if someone wanted to win me over, all they’d have to do is buy me Justin Bieber tickets

its that simple 

I wish people would just leave me alone for once. 

who wants to come over and do my photography project for me? 

no one? 


I just really like the beatles, like alot, like alot alot.