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its my birthday

17 doesn’t feel much different 


alex gaskarth in disney today hollaa
my hair matches my pants💋 #pink #dipdye #personal #me

Anonymous: How do u meet so many of ur favorite bands? its so cool! =)

I meet some through meet and greet packages, or just random meet and greets after shows. Then the others I usually find outside of the venue. :) 

I really just want to know if I got meet and greet for the all time low tour agdndgbdfkjh

ancree-deactivated20120807: your blog is amazing

thank you heh 

if you’re going to orlando warped tour, hit me up yo

Anonymous: Do u have any tips for someone who is going to warped tour for the first time?????????? :D

I’m 95% sure I know who this is lol, but yes.

  • Dress comfortably
  • bring water (bot not frozen, it’s considered a weapon)
  • have hair ties on handy
  • if you plan on moshing… keep your stuff in a small backpack but travel lightly
  •  bring a good amount of money (merch, overpriced food & drinks)
  • make sure you eat a good meal before you go and keep yourself hydrated (no one wants to deal with the kid that passes out)
  • don’t drop crowd surfers, if someone falls… help them up
  • don’t be annoying, warped has an older crowd so just try keep up.
  • get there EARLY. The line is terrible and parking is a bitch.
  • be prepared to deal with shitty bathrooms. 
  • stay with people you know.
  • have something to take note of set times. It’s a lot to keep up with. 
  • Don’t bring expensive items (iPods, fancy cameras, designer stuff) People have no problem stealing, you’d be surprised.
  • Tip the merch guys, they sit there all day in the heat for you, help them out. 
  • don’t do something stupid like get caught with illegal substances. 
  • if you don’t plan on moshing and prefer to just chill, have something to sit on, the grass is not comfortable. 
  • 95% of the time, there is no shade. anywhere. deal with that as you please. 
  • wear sunscreen, you will end up with horrible tan lines. 
  • avoid wearing white, it will get dirty and be ruined forever. (I know from experience)
  • and if you’re not old enough to go without a parent, don’t go.  

any other questions? Just ask :) 

you guys, I met One Direction. 
no one understands this fandom