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Anonymous: You are sooo stunning and gorgeous and I wish I could tell you myself instead of here but until that day. You's is a cutiepie

that’s too sweet 

thank you :)

killy0urheroes: yellow bb

hmm 5 turn ons, 

  1. brown eyes
  2. tan skin
  3. when my boyfriend does that thing where he puts his hand on my thigh 
  4. lip biting 
  5. confidence 
do it.
  • red: seven insecurities
  • orange: six fears
  • yellow: five turn ons
  • green: four life goals
  • blue: three fears
  • indigo: two weaknesses
  • violet: one thing you love
The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving. Lessons in Life #39  (via coyotegold)


Red Rocks Amphitheater // Grateful Dead pre-concert // August 11, 1987

it’s so awesome here